Antonius Lo Photography - professional photographer in Toronto & GTA


Antonius Lo Photography provides portrait services for Families, Children, Brides, Executives.

The most difficult part of producing a Family Portrait is probably getting everyone together at the same time and same place. Birthdays and family reunions provide excellent opportunities for photographying portraits of your family.

Change is the one unchanging characteristic about children infatns and preschoolers. To achieve the best Children Portrait we suggest you to bring along their favorite toy, musical instrument or any item which helps to portray their personality.

Marriage is one of the significant and dramatic transitions in life. A beautifully lit and sensitively posed portrait commenmorating this event can be one of the most important treasures that will be enjoyed for years to come. Whether taken at studio or on location at your home or nearby park, the Bridal Portrait is crafted at a careful, deliberate pace so that no detail is overlooked.

Business publications, sales brochures and press releases all require publicity portraits. The most common request for a Publicity Portrait is a black & white, head and shoulders pose of an individual in management or marketing. We can come to your place of business to photograph individuals or groups of people on your team. We can produce portraits that have a timeless, classical look. Or, we can arrange people in relaxed, informal scenes which help to illustrate the important features of your business.

We would like to make your life easier by providing pre-portrait consulation to help you get the most of your portrait's needs. Please contact us for further details.